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Switchblade Entertainment Group

The NHL playoff schedule was set in May of 2016 and with the fast-paced nature of professional sports scheduling, Switchblade Entertainment Group was suddenly providing on-location production services for an on-the-move Pittsburgh Penguins team.

In the span of a weekend, we knew we were going to be traveling to Pittsburgh and had identified a need for very high-speed and truly reliable connectivity to support upload of broadcast quality game footage.

We contacted multiple technology firms about our need. Not only did Sierra respond to our inquiry during that same weekend, they had their engineering staff turn up data center services by Sunday afternoon.

Sierra engineers immediately met our technical staff in Pittsburgh, got them rack access, and worked with our networking team to facilitate a committed 600 mbps data transfer rate from downtown Pittsburgh to New York City. The services worked as promised and Sierra’s support team did exactly what we needed through each of our several trips to Pittsburgh.

We work in a fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment and Sierra worked with us – at our pace – in order to help make our production happen. We recommend them for their data hosting services and for the way in which they provide support. We plan to utilize their services in the future.

Cris D.
Switchblade Entertainment Group, LLC

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