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Sierra Data Centers Pittsburgh location offers the 24×7 security, redundancy, and connectivity you expect from a provider of information hosting, monitoring, management and wide area network (WAN) services.


Access Security

  • Two factor authentication: key fob and biometric scanning
  • 24×7 IP-based, motion-detecting video surveillance
  • Facilities monitored 24×7 by operations personnel and security staff
  • All ingress and egress points, including elevators, are access-controlled

Rack Security

  • Racks individually locked
  • Larger, secured caged spaces and suites also available


  • Over 3,000 lines of fiber from over 10 major connectivity providers
  • 2G IPv4/6 mesh providers

Power Redundancy

  • N+3 Split Phase Redundant power
  • 120/208V UPS-protected
  • N+1 grid connections
  • Split block 1.54MW generator
    • 7 day run time without refuel
  • Power services from two disparate power grids

HVAC Redundancy

  • Redundant generator-connected HVAC Systems

Monitoring Systems

  • Robust systems monitoring infrastructure
  • Immediate notification delivered to data center personnel as soon as any environmental, power, connectivity, or security warning thresholds are reached
Database System Services

Our Services

Data Center and Hosting Services
  • Colocation
  • Hosting
  • Virtual Servers
  • Connectivity Services
Support Services
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Architecture
  • Configuration


4,500 square feet of raised floor space and 9,000 additional square feet… just waiting for you to
claim it!

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